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Eleanor Saitta  |  2 posts

Two Stories of Uncivilization

August 30, 2011

These two pieces were originally delivered on August 20th, during the opening lecture on “Collapsonomics” at the 2011 Uncivilization Festival, in Hampshire, UK, an event about the stories we tell ourselves in the face of a difficult future. Rust in the Scabbard Dear brothers and sisters, Dear enemies and friends, Your future ended ten years […]

Who are we?

July 5, 2011

This is not the first post I’d want to write for a venue like this; far from it.  I’ve got a list of other things to write — a piece about designer currencies, another about larp as form of embodied thought.  I’m also not particularly happy that I’m the one to write this, and yet someone must.  […]