New Public How

May 6th, 20111:48 pm @


Dawn: A Mood


A child throws the toy, saysA�Fort! Disappears. Reels it back, saysA�Da! Not gone.


Thursday, April 28: Pub Think meet-up: not in attendance. NY is not London.

Saturday, April 30: Lively discussion, according to reports rec’d.

Friday,A�February 25: Skyped w/ Dougald. Notes on “plurality of genres,” “new institutional forms,” “new thinking amid new institutions,” “appropriate viscosity.” Google saved the date.

Monday, March 28 – Friday, April 1: Email flurry re: Pub Think: quiddity, queries, apologies, guilts, busy, maybes. Q: Who are they?

Friday, May 6: Scribbles about New Pub Think, sun, coffee, apartment search, thoughts of night drinks.


Emails showing up. Prompts or props. Not staying long. Back rooms free. Replied to or cut. Now gone.

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Carolyn comes to mind and is gone, Pancho comes to mind and is gone, Dougald comes to mind and is gone, Allison comes to mind and is gone, Ben comes to mind and is gone. The ever-experience of coming to mind and is gone.


Friends are warm. In our eyes, on our mouths, across our tongues. Come to mind, held, and stay. Warm meaning: come to eye, hands, mind, held, and stay. And, after, coming back. I.e., to hands, eyes, mouths.

Are there friends?


Public is cold, i.e., coming to mind but not staying in mind.A�Overwhelmed is cold: comes to mind, goes round with others, won’t settle in. Want for overwhelmed to be gone.A�Busy is cold: too much coming to mind, not staying in mind or staying wrong in mind, can’t wrestle down.A�Guilt is cold: feelings of debt unmet, not giving our dues, thence making our sorries, thence away. Comes to mind and is gone. Modern life the cold: the name we give to overwhelmed and busy and guilt?


Held together how, friends how, love how, all of us–how. The ordering viagra online canada mood.