A Prayer to the God of Unsettled Times

July 24th, 201111:35 pm @


For the sociologist Ann Swidler, an ‘unsettled time’ is characterized by the transition from workable habits to new ideas.

‘I have come to see improvisation as the deep skill and attitude which we need for the times that  we’re already in and heading further into.’ –Dougald Hine, ‘Remember the Future,’ Dark Mountain Project: Issue 2.

‘We are like sailors who have to rebuild their ship on the open sea, without ever being able to dismantle it in dry-dock and reconstructed from its best components.’ –Otto Neurath

*   *   *

O, god, let us be more ascetic: let us eat less food but savor life more;
more epicurean: live life simply & let friends in;
more spartan: endure life’s blows & bleed courage unbellowing;
more monastic: turn thoughts upward & return them homeward;
& more neurathian: build from what comes to hand, from what lies near or far.
Give us, o radiant being, the strength to live things out before we rule them out. 

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*   *   *

And the god of unsettled times heard our prayer & we set out to make life work.